Shashi Tharoor files copyright case on Crime Patrol for blatantly copying the Sunanda Murder story

Shashi Tharoor is known for his vocabulary and also the Sunanda case. But he has recently complained of mental torture, no not because of the trolls, but the fact that Crime Patrol is blatantly copying the Sunanda story in every episode.

Shashi has a simple suggestion for Crime Patrol team, please pay royalty.
Tharoor is of the belief that he and Sunanda played a big part in creating the original mystery story and now someone is shamelessly copying it. That is not acceptable. Some new plot has been added to the story today; Tharoor and Pakistani journalist Meher Tarar spent three nights together in Dubai, as per the statement of Sunanda Pushkar’s journalist-friend.

Tharoor knows that Crime Patrol will copy this also. He has requested the production team that now he is now a Cabinet minister and has ample time on hand and he can himself write good stories for them. The only problem with the story would be that no one would be able to understand the vocabulary.

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