Hair found in Orry’s dish at Anant-Radhika’s pre-wedding was of a rare species costing ₹8.5 crores

Big news is coming from Orry, ‘The Liver,’ who recently revealed that a rare and special dish was served to him at Anant-Radhika’s pre-wedding. The dish was called ‘Hairy Vadapav with dandruff on the side’ featuring hair from a rare species that cost a whopping ₹8.5 crore.

Fan of rare things, Mukesh Ambani treated the guests with dishes tailored to their personalities. The chef, who also created ‘No Talent Tea’ for Ananya Pandey and a ‘Playboy Martini’ for Ranbir Kapoor, revealed that Orry is a rare celebrity because, unlike others, no one knows why he’s a celebrity. That’s why I created a rare dish for him. The rare hair, just like all the other artifacts and antiquities used in the wedding, was sourced from the British Museum.

Talking to The Fauxy, Orry said, “I would’ve been more than happy to just eat the hair of any member of the Ambani family. But by treating me to this rare and expensive hair, they have honored me so much. I will always be grateful”.

Currently, Mukesh Ambani is searching for a rare animal to make a jacket of its leather and gift it to his animal lover son, Anant Ambani.

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