Parliament temporarily shifts to Jio World Convention Centre as all MPs are attending #AnantRadhikaWedding

Big news is coming from Mumbai, where the Indian Parliament has temporarily shifted to the Jio World Convention Centre, as all MPs are attending Anant Ambani’s wedding.

After converting Jamnagar’s domestic airport into an international one and transforming an animal shelter into his private zoo for the wedding. Ambani has now taken it a step further by relocating the Indian Parliament itself. Parliament attendance has skyrocketed since the move, with MPs from parties whose leaders consistently criticize Ambani attending as well.

The Mumbai Traffic Police have closed roads around the convention center, prompting public complaints. In response, Mumbai’s Traffic Police Commissioner, speaking to Fauxy, stated, “It is every Indian’s birthright to close roads in front of their homes and set up tents during weddings. Mr. Ambani is merely exercising his rights as an Indian. Be thankful that he hasn’t erected a tent.”

Currently, opposition MPs are planning to walk out of the new Parliament, but upon smelling the food being prepared, they have postponed their walkout until after lunch.

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