BIG BREAKING: To avoid waterlogging, Government renames ‘Water’ to ‘Tax’ as Taxes go ‘down the drain’ very easily

Big news is coming from Delhi, where the government has taken a massive decision to tackle the waterlogging issues across India. The government will rename ‘Water’ to ‘Tax’ so that the clogged water can easily go down the drain, just like the taxes paid by Indian citizens.

As people started complaining about waterlogging issues and started saying that our tax money is going ‘down the drain’, the government listened to people for a change and decided to fix the issue. Not only this, but the government also thanked the citizens for inspiring the solution instead of just complaining all the time.

Talking to the Fauxy, a cabinet minister said, “Rich people are happy with waterlogging as they’ll finally get to use their yachts, and for poor people, it’s like a swimming pool in front of their house. Only the middle class is complaining. That’s why, till the water is drained completely, we have decided to increase taxes on them, and provide the poor with life jackets with that money, so they can enjoy their swimming pool more freely.”

Currently, the government is planning to rename ‘Taxes’ to ‘Public Infrastructure Failure’, so it will keep on increasing without any efforts from the government.

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