Pakistan’s flag to be Flown at Half-Mast if There’s One More Attack on Umar Khalid: Pakistan Home Ministry.

A few days back, an unemployed JNU student Umar Khalid was ‘attacked’ outside the Constitution Club of India in New Delhi. However, eyewitnesses claim that Umar Khalid wasn’t even present at the crime-spot when the accused fired a few shots in the air. Despite the fake attack being completely debunked, his well-wishers are still demanding a Z+ security arrangement for him.

Umar Khalid later addressed the media and revealed that there are more planned attacks upcoming. Following his statement, Pakistan’s Home Ministry severely condemned India’s democracy. Today, Pakistan’s Home Ministry has announced that if one more attack takes place, Pakistan’s flag will be flown at half-mast and a half day mourning will be observed in the country. Neither HMO nor Rajnath Singh has cared to react to Pakistan, which further establishes the fact that nobody cares and no security will be ever provided to Umar Khalid.

The likes of Umar Khalid are the only hope for Pakistan to get a hold on PoK and that’s why Pakistan’s newly elected PM Imran Khan has advised his Home Ministry to provide Umar Khalid Z+ security if Indian govt doesn’t do the needful.

While the people of Pakistan are being sympathetic towards Umar Khalid, Indians are calling the incident a massive failure of PM Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. A poster depicting the same was recently seen floating all across social media, blaming Modi Ji for not being able to make JNU and Twitter, open defecation free.

Soon after the incident, leftists and liberals started holding Arnab Goswami responsible for the attack and one such liberal blamed him even before the attack took place. Another notorious tabloid wrote a 1000-word long article and published it even before the news of the attack became public. Currently, the drama is being investigated by Delhi police but it is not clear whether it was a premonition, a secret time-machine technology or the Flash himself working as a writer for The Quint.

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