Nalanda University’s New Design Shows Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed Architecture books too: PM Modi

Big news is coming from the Nalanda District of Bihar, where the Government of India has reclaimed Nalanda University. The university was destroyed by Bakhtiyar Khilji, along with all the ancient texts. The new campus is so hideous to look at that it has made the old ruins of the university look even more beautiful. But it is intentional.

PM Modi will be inaugurating the new campus on Wednesday, along with the heads of missions from 17 countries. They will show how the destruction of Bakhtiyar Khilji’s ancient architectural texts pushed Indian architecture far behind. The new campus has taken inspiration from the most common things found in Bihar, like brick furnaces, bird houses, and even the stove used to make illegal homemade liquor.

Talking to the Fauxy, Nalanda residents said, “The new campus is miraculous. The buildings are so hideous that the trains coming towards Nalanda are completely empty, and despite being in Bihar, no one has yet tried to steal them. Empty trains and no stealing are nothing less than a miracle in Bihar.”

Currently, the residents of Nalanda are hoping that the new campus collapses on its own, just like the bridges in Bihar.

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