Pakistan renames “Terrorists” to “Tourists”, to show inclusion in UK’s No-Go list had 0 impact on its Tourism

Big news is coming from Islamabad, Pakistan, where a high-level cabinet meeting took place after the UK included Pakistan in the list of countries ‘Too Dangerous To Travel’. In the meeting, the ministers and their advisors decided the best way to solve the problem would be to rename the word ‘Terrorists’ to ‘Tourists’. So, they can show the world that the inclusion in the list had 0 impact on their tourism industry.

Pakistan is the world’s best country for extreme sports as it offers adrenaline junkies a variety of sports from ‘Spot The Suicide Bomber’ to ‘Dodge The Bullets’ and ‘Real Life Minesweeper’. Pakistan is a country for tourists who love to live on the edge. Their tourism industry even produced a show named ‘Living On The Edge’ where they just followed the lives of normal Pakistanis.

Talking to The Fauxy in an online interview, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar laughingly said ‘The world thought Pakistan’s inclusion in the UK’s list would destroy our tourism industry, but we have now more tourists than ever. We have all kinds of tourists from male tourists to female tourists, from child tourists to old tourists, from alive tourists to even dead tourists. In fact, we have so many tourists that it is our number one export to our neighboring countries.’

Currently, to take revenge, Pakistan is planning to send some more of its tourists to the UK, especially to London. So, forget international tourists; even domestic tourists will not consider visiting there, and the UK will have to add itself to this list.

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