AAP supporter stuck in Nallah while looking for Biogas, Rescue Operations underway.

Whether it was the proverb “Curiosity killed the cat” or the desire to fact check everything that political leaders utter – supporters going extreme is not very uncommon these days. Especially when it comes to the Aam Aadmi Party workers.

Recently, PM Modi while addressing the students of IIT Bombay, mentioned a poor tea seller, who utilized biogas fuming out from a nallah flowing near his tea stall, in order to cook tea.
His intention was to inspire the students to innovate and think outside the box. Little did he know that his words would have such a deep impact on an AAP supporter, and move him to take such serious steps.

Modi’s speech received mixed reaction on social media, many users trolled him and a few shared a four-year-old article that indeed talks about the man who maneuvred a nallah’s gas innovatively to burn his stove and hence, cook tea. But this article wasn’t enough to convince AAP supporters and one of them decided to get to the ‘bottom’ of it. The AAP supporter allegedly went well inside the nallah to re-check and verify Modi’s claims.

After two days, a missing person’s report naming the same AAP supporter, went viral on social media. His family came out with shocking details, which pointed out that he did not go inside the nallah on his own, but was instead pushed by the editor of an ill-reputed fact-checking website.
“One cannot considerably fall lower than being an AAP supporter. We don’t believe this news, he was definitely pushed.”

As the news broke, local municipal workers came together into action.
From preliminary ground reports, it seems that the AAP supporter was found stuck 25 meters inside a nallah and is presently in a critical state owing to excess inhalation of methane gas. Our team members tried reaching Arvind Kejriwal for comments, but were turned ‘down’. Currently, the rescue operation is underway.

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