After the success of Cash On Delivery, Swiggy Introduces a new payment method: ‘Shoes On Delivery’

According to economics, competition between companies always benefits consumers. As Zomato implemented ‘Cash On Delivery’ on their platform, it was beneficial for consumers; hence, their delivery numbers shot up. To counter this and gain an advantage over Zomato, Swiggy has introduced a new payment method: ‘Shoes On Delivery’.

This payment method is implemented especially to capture Gen Zs who spend more on shoes and might not have money left for food as the month-end approaches. The method is currently in the beta phase and only available in Gurugram. A Swiggy user, Rohit Arora, was the first to experience this new payment method. He was so impressed that he took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his happiness and even posted a video to show how smooth and hassle-free the whole process was.

The Fauxy reached out to Rohit to know more, and he told us, “The whole process is very simple. You order food and select ‘Shoes On Delivery’ as the payment option. The delivery boy comes, drops your food on your doorstep, and takes your shoes based on the price of the food.” He also said, “In my case, there was a little problem as I ordered only four Samosas, but the delivery boy took my Nike shoes worth 14K. I think he might just have been motivated by Nike’s tagline “Just Do It”, so he took it.”

Swiggy clarified that there are still some glitches in the method, and they are working on it. But all is not well as Sonu Sood, known for his big-heartedness, is furious with this concept of selling shoes for food and organizing a ‘Bhandara’ for all these poor ‘sneakerheads’.

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