Denied Euthanasia, TMC MLAs in West Bengal Join BJP

3 MLAs and more than 50 councillors from West Bengal’s ruling party the Trinamool Congress and other opposition party CPM joined the Bhartiya Janata Party today. While BJP is hailing their joining the saffron camp, the real reason behind this sudden switch of teams will definitely surprise if not shock you.

Our sources at the TMC office reveal that after working with Mamata Didi for a prolonged time, a majority of these MLAs had given up on their wish to live. Many decided not to take law in their hands and had formally pled for euthanasia, only to be denied by the Mamata Banerjee-led government. After joining BJP, their death is now certain.

“We don’t want to set a bad example by taking our own lives. So we found a middle path. Given how BJP cadres are being killed in broad daylight all across West Bengal, we are sure that we’ll meet a similar fate as soon as we join BJP,” said a senior TMC leader still deliberating a switch to BJP.

Adding fuel to the fire, these fresh joinees even went on to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

“Humko thora taara-tori morna hai. Hum suna hai Momota Didi Jai Shri Ram bolne se toda-taadi korta hai. Isliye Jai Shri Ram!” said one of the rebel TMC leaders.

Being a BJP worker in West Bengal has long been considered as a political and literal suicide. However, many people in the Indian media believe that this is a rather glass half empty approach towards things, thus choose to keep quiet or avoid reporting these killings. Observing the wave of happiness among euthanasia claimants in the wake of killings under the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC government, our media stands vindicated.

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