CBI gives clean chit to P Chidambaram as he didn’t complain of chest pain even on third day of judicial custody

Chidambaram has been in CBI custody for past 3 days. His interrogation was on track but the CBI felt that he is really innocent after he did not complain of chest pain even on the third day of remand.

In the past the CBI has seen politicians going straight to hospital after one or two days of custody. The normal reason that many gave was chest pain. In fact, UNESCO has declared chest pain as the national disease of India.

But Chidambaram was patient enough to stay quiet for three days without asking to be shifted to hospital. He has been brave and he was able to trick the CBI into believing that he is innocent. CBI has listed Chidambaram’s name in the history books to be the first politician who did not fake chest pain.

As soon as Laloo Prasad came to know about Chidambaram’s arrest he had booked Chidambaram’s bed in a reputed hospital but all in vain now.

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