After learning about Indian judges sentences, Pakistan has started to train its terrorists in essay writing

Big news is coming from Islamabad, where, after seeing the sentences given to criminals by Indian judges, the Pakistan Government has begun training its terrorists in essay writing.

Recently, a 17-year-old son of a builder killed two people with his car while drinking and driving in Pune. However, since he owned a Porsche and not an ordinary car, the judge granted him bail in just 15 hours, on the condition of writing an essay and working 15 days with the Traffic Police. It is not the first time Indian judges have given lenient sentences to wealthy criminals.

An undercover Fauxy reporter has revealed that these terrorists have become proficient in essay writing, with some even gaining admission to Ivy League schools. Now, he fears that they will wreak havoc in India but escape punishment due to their impeccable essay writing skills.

Currently, driving schools across India have also begun teaching essay writing instead of focusing on driving skills. Meanwhile, failed UPSC aspirants are causing chaos on the roads with their reckless driving, feeling untouchable due to their strong essay writing abilities. Some are even carrying written essays in their pockets and using them as valid driving licenses.

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