Doctor Puts Back The Tumor After Patient’s Card Declines

In a bizarre incident from North Carolina, a doctor, after two hours of rigorous surgery, removed a tumor from a patient’s body only to put it back.

Surgeon Mc Clover was disappointed with the patient’s excuse of his card declining at the payment desk. So, he asked him to lie down on the bed for some “formality” and then put the tumor back in another two-hour-long surgery session. Not only this, but he also added the expense for the second surgery to his bill.

The patient went to seek police help, where the police offered him something to drink to calm him down. When paying for the drinks, his card declined again, and he was taken into custody.

The patient now wants to hire lawyers to get bail, but his card declining is making him furious as it could land him into another trouble, this time with the lawyers. Currently, the patient is trying to arrange some cash on call, but he is having problems as he forgot how to count cash due to using cards for so long.

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