Woke feminist slams government, says they can’t force women to stay at home

The corona virus scare has made governments across the world take notice and ask citizens to stay in self isolation if they have any symptoms. Even women have to follow this order as it is for the benefit of all.

But a woke feminist in Mumbai name Sodumb has accused the government of patriarchy and fascism. According to Sodumb, the government has no right to tell a woman to stay inside the house. The fauxy has also learnt that Sodumb has filed a case against the government and told more about her stance by calling a press conference.

Sodumb said that women have equal rights and they should go out if our nation has to progress. Many Bollywood celebrities have come out in full support of Sodumb and even posted postcard selfies saying that women have all the right to come out and work, or do anything else. Leading media houses like the Telegraph have also covered this story as a path breaking one.

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