Boat leaks data of 7.5 million users to show it has more users than Apple

In its campaign against Apple, Boat has leaked the data of 7.5 million users, which it claims is only 1% of its total users, to show that it has more users than Apple. Thus, it is more popular. Previously, Boat also mocked Apple users in a newspaper ad with the slogan, “Don’t be a fanboy; be a boathead.”

The campaign was launched in a press conference where Boat’s founder, Aman Gupta, revealed that it was his brainchild. But when someone called him “The Steve Jobs of India,” he got offended and said, “Call Steve Jobs the Aman Gupta of America.” He was right to be offended, as apart from being a successful businessman, he is also a qualified CA, so obviously he is more accomplished than Steve Jobs. He also revealed the formula for his success, which he is now using against Apple: “If you can’t match their level, bring them down to yours.”

The campaign seems to have worked in getting Apple’s attention, as, talking to The Fauxy, an Apple executive replied, “1% is also the cost of Boat’s products compared to Apple, which is still expensive given its quality.”

Currently, to continue his campaign against Apple, Aman Gupta is preparing to come on Shark Tank not as a shark but as a contestant and convince other sharks to invest in his brilliant idea of rebranding a cheap Chinese VR headset as Boat and calling it better than Apple’s Vision Pro.

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