Uddhav Thackeray Forms A Committee To Get More Ideas To Ruin The State

Maharashtra on Sunday reported 30,535 fresh COVID-19 cases, the highest rise in a single day, the state health department said. Apart from the rising COVID-19 cases, the state is also witnessing Mafia world back to action with its recent victim being Mukesh Ambani, India biggest wealth creator. The Mumbai Police commissioner has alleged Home Minister of being extortionist and of giving targets to police officers to collect over ₹100 crore every month.

After all these events, the CM Uddhav Thackeray has reportedly formed a committee. Sources suggest that the committee is formed to bring more and better ideas to totally ruin the state. The committee will be headed by Sanjay Raut who will start the daily meeting with a shayari that aptly defines the state’s current condition.

Speaking to The Fauxy Sanjay Raut said

“वैसे तो तुम्ही ने मुझे बर्बाद किया है

इल्ज़ाम किसी और के सर जाए तो अच्छा !”

It loosely translates to “Although it is you who have destroyed me, it would be great if I could blame someone else”.

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