This was a pilot for 15 Lakh CCTV in Delhi : Kejriwal on live telecast of meeting with PM

New Delhi: Second wave of Wuhan Virus has brought the real ‘Andolanjeevi’ Arvind Kejriwal back to his old tricks. He tried to do the sting operation by live telecasting a close door meeting only to get himself exposed. The telecast was abruptly halted when PM found out about this.

While NDTV, Wire and Scroll are yet to find an angle to defend Kejriwal in this matter, BJP went on all out attack. For the 100th time in last 6 years, Amit Malviya said that this is the lowest levels a govt & CM can fall. Not one to shy away from such fights, AAP reacted sharply saying “What does Amit Malviya know about AAP? How does he know that we cannot fall further? We will prove him wrong within weeks.”

Meanwhile Delhi CM Kejriwal claimed, “Delhi govt was running a trial for 15 Lakh CCTV we promised in 2015. But as you clearly saw Modi stopped us from doing even that. Now people should not blame us if CCTVs are not installed in Delhi“.

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