Starbucks Fires an Employee for Successfully Solving a Wordle

A misspelled name on the side of your Starbucks cup can prompt many reactions. Maybe it makes you angry, maybe it makes you laugh, maybe you just shrug and proceed with posting about it on social media. And even if you are mad about it, at least the rest of us get to laugh about it. Reportedly, Starbucks keeps only dyslexic people as its staff who can comfortably misspell the names of the customers.


However, Starbucks got fooled when a SpellBee enthusiast made it to Starbucks. Siddharth, 27, lied during his interview at Starbucks and claimed that he’s a dyslexic. He got selected and since then he has been writing wrong spellings of the customers in their coffee mugs. However, recently one of his colleagues caught him rightly solving a wordle. The colleague reported it to higher management after which Siddharth was terminated.


Siddharth had just one job to not know the correct spelling of words and he couldn’t do even that” told the reporting boss of Siddharth to The Fauxy.






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