BSNL Updates 2023 Tariffs; Takes One Year to Get Uploaded Due to Poor Network

Big news is coming from New Delhi, where BSNL has finally finished updating its 2023 tariff plans in July 2024, which took almost one year to upload.

BSNL was using its own network with top-of-the-line computers from 1998, rocking a single-core processor and 256MB of RAM coupled with Internet Explorer to upload the plans. The mixture of all these superb technologies from the past century resulted in internet speeds so slow that BSNL even surpassed many African countries, setting a new world record for the slowest internet in the world.

Speaking to Fauxy, the world record-holder BSNL spokesperson proudly said, “Our company is not just a company; it’s a symbol that reflects the two core elements of our Indian government at large: slowness and inefficiency.” 

Learning from their mistakes, BSNL planned to use Jio 5G to upload its 2024 tariff plans, but after the price hike, they realized they couldn’t afford it.

Currently, BSNL has skipped 2024 and is uploading the tariff plans for 2025 using their own network.

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