Journalists apologise for calling Anant Ambani’s wedding a Big Fat Wedding after netizens says it’s bodyshaming

Big news is coming from Mumbai, where a journalist apologized for calling Anant Ambani’s wedding a ‘Big-Fat’ wedding. After the offended users of the internet started saying that the journalist is body-shaming Anant by calling his wedding ‘big-fat’ just because he is big and fat.

The term ‘big-fat’ also offended the feminists, and speaking to the Fauxy, an internet feminist said, “Calling Anant Ambani’s wedding a ‘Big-Fat’ wedding is not only body-shaming, but it is also patriarchal. Just because the groom is big and fat, you make the wedding all about him. What about the bride? She is neither big nor fat.” 

The journalist, while apologizing, explained the real meaning of ‘big-fat’ wedding and said that it has nothing to do with the groom being big and fat. He further explained that a ‘big-fat’ wedding means an ultra-expensive wedding. In these weddings, families display and show off their wealth, the list of guests is long with big names, and the food menu is so big that it’ll make you fat.

Currently, the journalist is editing his article to change the ‘big-fat’ wedding to a ‘small-slim’ wedding in order to escape the wrath of internet users.

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