SC removes blind fold from ‘Statue of Justice’ and put it on their own eyes, after Kejriwal’s “won’t go back to jail if win” remark

After receiving one of a kind generous bail from the Supreme Court until June 2nd, Arvind Kejriwal, in one of his fiery speeches, claimed that he wouldn’t have to return to jail if the INDIA bloc wins. Following the speech, the Enforcement Directorate complained about it to the Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court judges said they “won’t go into it” and removed the blindfold from the “Statue of Justice,” placing it over their own eyes.

This gesture by the Supreme Court, the apex institution in India for upholding the constitution, has confused many. AAP supporters were seen celebrating by putting blindfolds on their own eyes following the judges, while their rivals wondered if the leftover liquor from the Scam had made its way to the Supreme Court.

When the reporter from The Fauxy asked “the judge to explain his action, he took another blindfold from his pocket and tied it over his own mouth”.

Currently, people from all parts of India are rushing to file RTIs to know if the Supreme Court understands that just because the court is situated in New Delhi doesn’t mean they have to protect their Chief Minister.

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