Ranveer Singh Rejects Uniform Civil Code Says Can’t Wear Same Uniform Everyday

On Friday, The Delhi High Court backed the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code in the country, igniting the political debate around it. However, the opinion and debates aren’t limited to politicians and even popular bollywood celebrities came forward with their opinions.

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh condemned the Uniform Civil Code and advocated against it. Talking to The Fauxy, Ranveer Singh said “I don’t wear the same dress twice, and can’t even think of wearing the same dress that everyone wears. Just to stand out, I wear Deepika’s dresses, and you want me to wear the same uniform? Bullshit!

India is known for unity in diversity but bringing the same uniform code would kill the diversity. I reject Uniform Civil Code” said Javed Akhtar

What are we trying to do by bringing the Uniform Civil Code? Converting a country into a school?” said Tapsee Pannu

Reportedly, 61 Bollywood celebrities have signed a letter sent to PM Narendra Modi, asking him to not bring the Uniform Civil Code.

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