Rajasthan CM Gehlot clarifies on reading previous year budget, says “last year promises not fulfilled yet hence reading the same budget”

Rajasthan Budget 2023: CM Ashok Gehlot reads old budget for 7 minutes inside AssemblyRajasthan Budget 2023: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday accidentally read the old Budget speech on the floor of the Assembly for about 7 minutes. He stopped only after being interrupted.


The chief whip later stopped Gehlot from reading further and the House was adjourned for 30 minutes. When the session resumed, CM Ashok Gehlot clarified on why he was reading the previous year budget. CM Gehlot said that his party couldn’t fulfil last year budget promises and hence he read the previous year budget again.


One of the senior BJP Rajasthan leaders said that nobody pays attention to what CM Gehlot says because they can’t understand what he says and even if they do, congress is not going to fulfil those promises anyway. “So what’s the point” he added.


Minister close to CM Ashok Gehlot said that Gehlot believes that the budget case was swapped by Sachin Pilot to make Gehlot look fool and place himself a taller leader in Congress than Gehlot.

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