Pradeep Gupta of Axis my India revises its Exit Poll yet again

New Delhi: The results for the Gujarat, Himachal and Delhi MCD elections are out. While the exit polls predicted a much greater victory for AAP in MCD and a little less for BJP in Gujarat, the reality is quite different. Axis My India had revised its vote share prediction for AAP and reduced by over 5%. However, despite the revision, Axis My India fails to get it right and is now revising it again to 12% to stay correct.


Soon after the revision of Exit Poll on the vote count day, Axis My India Pradeep Gupta congratulated Pradeep Gupta for getting the numbers right and cut the cake in his office to celebrate the right prediction.


Speaking to The Fauxy, Pradeep Gupta said we will make another revision by 4PM to get the final numbers right and then we will celebrate the right prediction until next election.


Pradeep Gupta also accused BJP of performing better only to prove Axis My India exit poll wrong. “They are doing it only to prove us wrong, but I am Pradeep Gupta, my real exit poll numbers remain secret until the final election result

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