Police arrests a man with lemons outside JNU saying he’s carrying Citric acid

Deepika Padukone, one of India’s highest-paid Bollywood actors, took a brief but rare political stand yesterday. Ever since it was revealed that those who perpetrated the violence at JNU last weekend were also carrying acid, people have been calling out Padukone to speak up.

But today a bizzare incident happened outside JNU. A person carrying lemons was arrested by the police saying that he is carrying citric acid and that can be dangerous for the students. It was a great call by the Delhi police which has taken a lot of criticism for inaction or slow action.

The Delhi police was monitoring the area outside JNU and as soon as they saw this man carrying lemons, they quickly came into action mode and 10 policemen caught hold of the guy and dragged him to the police van. The crime seems to be a big one and hence bail will be a little difficult for the person.

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