Muslim man cancels the plan of sending his Hindu wife to ISIS to prove ‘The Kerala Story’ is fake

The Kerala Story has officially become the first movie of 2023 to genuinely cross 100 Cr mark at Box Office. However, the movie remains a topic of debate among people. Some called it a fake propaganda being circulated to create Islamophobia.

On Monday, a Muslim man cancelled his Hindi wife’s ISIS trip to prove that The Kerala Story is fake. Reportedly, Rohini fell in love with Mukesh now Mujied, and the duo got married.

The couple agreed to celebrate their honeymoon in Syria but at the last moment, Mujied got a few meetings and Rohini now Asifa had to go alone.

But on Monday, Mujied cancelled her trip of Syria and tweeted about the same. “

We are married but she’s not going to ISIS it proves The Kerala Story is fake” tweeted Mujied.

In another news, Syria and Iraq are likely to make first half of the movie tax free as it shows how to lure Hindu women, while banning the second half which exposes some Islamists.

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