Mumbaikars disappointed after finding out it was not an audition for the role of a voter and they just really voted

Big news is coming from Mumbai where a lot of Mumbaikars felt disappointed as they exited the polling booth, only to find out that it was real and not an audition for the role of voter in a movie. Actually, Mumbai is voting today in Phase 5 of elections, and the polling booth in question was just next to the film city which led to the confusion.

In another incident, longer lines were found in front of a Vadapav stall than the polling booth just next to it. But the printed voting slips did not go to waste as they were used to serve Vada Paavs. Some people were seen celebrating when they found the vadapav served to them was wrapped in their own voting slips.

Talking to the Fauxy, an Election Commission officer said, “We find it very difficult to increase the voter turn out in Mumbai. Even bringing celebrities to the polling booths doesn’t work as people are already used to seeing them.”

It seems like the story could be different this time as Mumbai, infamous for low voter turnout, is trying hard to break the record by voting in even lower numbers. Evident by only 27% voter turnout till 1PM. Currently, the Election Commission has started to decorate the polling booths to look like Starbucks and H&M, to lure in Mumbaikars and boost these numbers.

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