Punja man gets call from Masterchef for his extr-ordinary Culinary skills

On Thursday, a Mohali man’s fingers were chopped off in broad daylight while Punjab Police remained clueless. Reportedly, 3 people were seen in a video cutting off the fingers of a man allegedly over the suspicion that he was linked to the murder of their friend.


The video of the person chopping the fingers went viral on social media and soon reached on WhatsApp. While some called it a gruesome act, some talked about absolutely lawlessness in Punjab under AAP govt, a few appreciated man’s culinary skills while he chopped the fingers with a sword.


The Fauxy sources suggest that the man who chopped off the fingers is likely to be called by Master Chef, a competitive cooking reality show, for his culinary skills.


Punjab Police is going to release him even if they manage to find and arrest him, so we have decided to give him a chance so that he can use his skills in something constructive. Our sources have suggested that he used to chop vegetables for Langar before, so he has the relevant experience too” told a master chef employee to The Fauxy

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