Man Files RTI To Know Deepika’s Next Movie So That He Can Plan The Boycott In Advance

Deepika Padukone starring ‘Chappaak’ released with a lot of controversy surrounding it. Naturally, Deepika had high hopes with ‘Chappaak.’ But with her supporting the JNU students, many protestors across India boycotted her movie and hence the collections were not anywhere near to expectations.

But it doesn’t end it here for Deepika. Protestors like Shwetank Malik want to boycott her next movie too. Shwetank, a Mumbai resident has filed an RTI to know about Deepika’s next movie so that he can plan the boycott accordingly. With so many boycotts and bans nowadays it’s important for protestors to plan it in such a way that their normal schedule is not impacted.

And that is what Shwetank is concerned about. The Fauxy is still waiting for the reply on his RTI. Shwetank spoke to The Fauxy and said “I don’t want to miss out on boycotting Deepika’s next movie. I am eagerly waiting for it. Some say it will come in next month, some say it might take a while. But I want the exact date. It is my right as a citizen to know the exact date of her next release.”

More news on the same awaited.

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