Man buys Pharma company’s shares instead of medicines, dies

A big news story is coming from Mumbai where a man was so addicted to the stock market that instead of buying any product, he would buy shares of that same company.

This habit of the man landed him in serious trouble when, instead of the medicine prescribed by the doctor, he bought shares of the pharmaceutical company. When his situation worsened, the doctor asked him to get admitted but he bought Apollo Hospital shares instead. Unfortunately man succumbed to his healthy investments but poor health.

Talking to The Fauxy, the young man’s friends revealed that he was so crazy that he would buy shares of Parle or Britannia instead of biscuits, to the extent that he quit smoking and started buying shares of ITC.

The young man’s wife told The Fauxy “He’s not with us today, but his investments are, wish he had taken term insurance too”.

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