Ambani’s mass wedding for underprivileged sees a surge in registration as all Jio users become underprivileged after the ‘Price hike’

Big news is coming from Mumbai, where Ambani’s plan of a mass wedding for the underprivileged took an unexpected turn when the number of registrations surged into the lakhs all of a sudden. When enquired,the Ambanis found out that the recent Jio price hike has made almost all Jio users underprivileged, and now they can either recharge their phones or get married.

Ambani’s net worth fell after spending huge amounts of money on lavish pre-weddings for his son, Anant Ambani. So, he decided to hike Jio prices to fund more pre-weddings and recover his net worth. To save money, they also decided to organize a mass wedding and get some underprivileged couples married for good PR instead of hiring a PR agency.

But the plan backfired as Jio users outsmarted Ambani by registering to get married at the mass wedding itself. Talking to Fauxy, an underprivileged couple said, “If we are going to pay for Ambani’s son’s wedding, then he is going to pay for ours, and not only that, we also want a mass pre-wedding.”

Currently, the Ambanis are deciding whether to organize Anant Ambani’s wedding or to get Anant married at the mass wedding itself, as they can only afford one.

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