Liberals Refuse To Enter 2023 after PM Modi wishes Happy New Year

The Fauxy wishes all its readers and viewers a very happy new year. Approaching the year-end, there was one moment when India was in 2023 and America was in 2022. Always looking up to their Western counterparts to decide what they want, liberals decided not to move to 2023 and remain with America and other western countries which are a few hours behind India.

While some liberals are still in 2022, a few are stuck in 2002 from the past 16-17 years. A social media user tagged EAM Jaishankar, requesting him to make sure that these liberals reach 2023 safely. Another user tagged the entire Congress party and asked them to move from 2016 to 2023, where they are stuck since demonetisation because of losing black money in billions and still hopeful of getting it back.

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