Hindu man creates an App that notifies users as soon as they enter Muslim area and sends an SOS message

Stones were thrown at many Ram Navami processions in different cities of the country on Thursday. Many person were injured in multiple incidents. Reports NDTV, read here.

To address the situation and save Hindus from injury during Ram Navmi procession, a Hindu man has developed an app, called SYS (Save YourSelf) that notifies users the moment they enter a Muslim area. App also sends SOS message.

Speaking to The Fauxy, the founder of SYS, Gaurav Bharadwaj said “I have been working on this app from last three years and I have synced the app with Google map to rightly tell the different location”. He further added “Every year there are multiple cases of stone pelting on Ramnavmi processions that kept me motivated”

Reportedly, within one hour of the launch the app became the most downloaded app, beating Instagram, Meta and Twitter.

While the App received overwhelming response by the majority, a minority section of people down voted the app calling it communal and against their essential practice.

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