Four Modi critics pool 500 rupees each to exchange for a 2000 rupee note and join the queue to deposit it

On Friday, The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced the withdrawal of the highest denomination currency note, the Rs 2,000 note, while affirming its continued status as legal tender. According to the RBI, individuals can deposit or exchange existing Rs 2,000 notes at banks until September 30, with a maximum limit of Rs 20,000 at a time.

Criticising the RBI’s decision, opposition leader attacked Modi government and said what was the point of introducing it if it has to be banned later. Some Modi critics claimed that it will create Demonetisation like condition in India with lakhs of people standing in queue.

Reportedly, in Delhi four Modi critics pooled 500 each to get a 2000 rupee note only to stand in queue to deposit it in the bank. Speaking to The Fauxy, one of the four critics said, “For the past 18 hours, we have persistently sought to exchange our four 500 rupee notes for a 2000 rupee note. Our unwavering determination to oust this authoritarian government remains unshakeable. We shall procure the 2000 rupee note and patiently wait in the queue.”.

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