BREAKING: SpiceJet Opens Toilet Seats for Booking After Safe Onboard Experience

Big news is coming in from Bengaluru after a passenger got trapped inside spicejet plane toilet as door lock malfunctions. Although the man has been rescued, the airline is now taking more precaution to avoid such incidents in future.

Reportedly, the airline has decided to capitalise on the incident by offering the toilet seat too for sale. For the convenience and extra legroom the toilet seat provides, the airline has priced the toilet seat higher than the economy class seats.

Speaking to The Fauxy, the spicejet CEO said “We are making the toilet seat more comfortable by putting a cushion on it and attaching a safety belt to it, the seat will be between Economy and Business Class, sort of premium economy“.

Telling more details of it, SpieceJet COO said “To avoid blockage of lavatory, the person sitting on the toilet seat will be given the seat of the person using the lavatory“.

While no other airlines have shown the intent of following the suit, sooner or later all the airlines will be utilising the toilet seats more efficiently.

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