Bihar man caught selling eye mask in the name of Apple Vision Pro

A shocking news is coming in from Bihar where a man has been caught selling eye masks in the name of Apple Vision Pro.

A week after Apple launched its Vision Pro for a whopping Rs 2.8 lakh, the product has become the talk of the town and social media is flooded with its memes, features and cost etc.

Considering this an opportune moment, a Bihar man bought over ten thousand eye masks and sold them for Rs 1 lakh each after putting half eaten apple logo on it.

Upon being arrested by the police, the man confessed that he also used to give some drugs along with the eye mask to make people see colours and things with covered eyes.

Speaking to The Fauxy, the man said “he uses FOMO (fear of missing out) and people’s tendency of showing off to make money, the man was also planning to go to Shark Tank India show to raise more funds for his startup, however, he couldn’t do so.

Currently, the police are making him wear their own Apple Vision Pro Max.

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