Audience Loves The Kashmir Files, Demands its Sequel

Through Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files on March 11, Kashmiri Hindus relieved their horror on the silver screen. People said that they are shocked at the film’s reality. Some people loved the movie so much that they went a little overboard and demanded its sequel.


Several videos have surfaced on social media, showing people sobbing and demanding the sequel of the movie. The Fauxy reached out to the these people to know why they demand the sequel of a movie which shows genocide.


While demanding a sequel of The Kashmir Files may sound very insensitive, these people who demanded the sequel are from West Bengal. They demanded that a similar movie be made on the plight of many Hindus in West Bengal who became the victim of post-poll violence. Reportedly, over ten thousand people had crossed over to Dhubri in Assam after post-poll violence in West Bengal.


PM Modi has the time to meet the directors of The Kashmir Files, but he can’t spare even a minute to think about the victims of The Bengal Files,” said a man coming out of theatre after watching The Kashmir Files.



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