Alt Balaji buys broadcasting and rights of Patna Railway Station TVs

On Sunday, passengers at the Patna Junction railway station were shocked when TV screens on platform number 10 played a porn video clip. The porn video was played for over three minutes that led to delay of various trains passing via Patna. Read here

However, the incident has skyrocketed the price of ads being played on the TVs of Patna railway station. Reportedly, Alt Balaji has bought the broadcasting rights of Patna Railway station TVs. Speaking to The Fauxy, Alt Balaji business head said “We are the closest competitor of the video played, Alt Balaji has been struggling to find its right audience, but now when we have found the right audience we are buying the broadcasting right of the TVs on patna railway platform“.

Sources suggest that the three minute porn played gathered over 1 lakh audience on railway platform and over a million on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Alt Balaji bought the broadcasting right for whooping Rs 237 Crores. Railway official said that it’s the new revenue source of railway which was never explored before. “The amount will be invested in giving better amenities to the passengers like waiting rooms and more washrooms at Railway platforms” told a Railway official to The Fauxy.

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