Airlines to make pant zip locked and tagged mandatory before boarding flights

A few days after Air India pee gate where the accused Shankar Mishra allegedly urinated on a woman co-passenger on a New York-Mumbai flight, One Jauhar Ali Khan, scheduled to depart from Delhi on a flight to Dammam was urinating publically in front of departure gate 6 at IGI Airport T3 on Jan 8. Khan, who seemed to be inebriated, also abused passengers.

After several cases of peeing inside planes, airlines have requested Aviation Ministry to make men’s pant zip locked and tagged mandatory before boarding the flight.

Air India Chief operation officer said the boarding pass will have now pant locked and tagged option where the flight attendant will have to tick before allowing passengers to board the flight.

To ensure no inconvenience to the innocent passengers, aviation ministry is likely to make urinating before boarding flight mandatory and the passengers will have to submit their urine collection. Details on this is awaited.

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