Shah Rukh Khan wins the ‘Best Actor’ award at the #DadasahebPhalkeAward 2024, although the movie for which he received the award has not yet been decided

Big news is coming in from Mumbai, where actor Shahrukh Khan has allegedly won the Best Actor at Dadasaheb Phalke Award 2024, however, the movie for which he has won the best actor is not decided yet.

2023 witnessed Shahrukh Khan’s Dunki, Pathan, and Jawan. The jury is struggling to choose the movie for which Shahrukh Khan can be awarded the best actor and to justify the same. 

One of the juries suggested that Shahrukh Khan can be awarded best actor for his role in the Qatar rescue operation. Jury’s suggestion was accepted. 

Speaking to The Fauxy, the jury said “Shahrukh Khan has been given the best award for his acting to take credit for the recent Qatar incident, by denying the rumor which didn’t even spread properly”.

Notably, Qatar government has released eight former Indian naval officers after Modi government intervention. The officers were previously sentenced to death on charges of spying for Israel.

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