Bollywood to hire voice artists for dubbing as celebrities suddenly lose their ability to speak after J&K terror attack

Shocking news is coming from Bollywood, where a lot of celebrities and actor-activists have suddenly lost their ability to speak after the J&K terror attack on Sunday. Bollywood production houses have already started hiring voice artists to dub for them, quoting the age-old wisdom of showbiz: “The show must go on.”

Many actors like Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Kareena Kapoor Khan condemned the violence against Palestinians by sharing “All Eyes On Rafah” stories. Although civilian casualties by Israel were unintentional in their revenge against Hamas, the innocent people, including children, killed in the J&K attack were premeditated and intentional out of hate. But the same celebrities didn’t say or do anything to condemn the killing of their own countrymen.

According to Fauxy sources, “These Bollywood celebrities are so traumatised by this attack that they are not even able to type something on their phones, let alone speak anything.”

Currently, most of these celebrities are on their way to exotic locations like Europe and the Maldives to process the trauma caused by this attack with the help of sunny beaches and expensive wine.

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