Ranveer Singh’s fashion designer on Narcotics Bureau’s Radar

You may hate his style, and his clothes, but you can’t help but give him the attention he seeks wearing them. Ranveer Singh has been wearing weird clothes for a long. The NCB is keeping a close watch on the actor’s fashion designer. The fashion designer is on the run and it has been found after an investigation that he was a big customer of Ria.

Ranveer’s clothes have been sent to the forensic laboratory where it will have experimented whether the clothes were made after consuming drugs or not. Once that result is found out the next test will be on the actor to find whether he is on drugs and has lost control of his mind. The fauxy is in constant touch with the NCB officials who first want to interrogate the fashion designer. Other actors on the list are Karthik Arjaan, Karan Lohar, and Arjun Kapoor.

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