Pathaan likely to get postponed as theatre owners not ready to reduce Brahmastra shows

A Shah Rukh Khan film on the big screen is nothing short of a celebration for his fans, and when Shah Rukh returns in a full-fledged role after four long years, it’s a carnival of sorts. However, the recent update about the movie is likely to upset Shah Rukh Khan fans.


Sources suggest that Pathaan is likely to get postponed as the theatre owners aren’t ready to reduce the shows of Brahmastra and give those slots to Pathaan. Theatre owners claim that even after two months, Brahmastra shows are getting housefull and reducing the shows will be a loss of opportunity cost.


Yash Raj Films have written a letter to Karan Johar requesting him to reduce the number of shows of Brahmastra until Pathaan break evens its cost. Karan Johar hasn’t replied to the letter yet but is likely to agree since the Brahmastra is already on OTT.


Yash Raj Films letter to Karan Johar is yet another proof that Brahmastra did a lot better than what was claimed by movie critics and is a slap on the face of people who trend Boycott Bollywood on social media.


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