Out Of Fear, Pakistan Army Mistakenly Shoots Down Its Own Aircraft

After the Pulwama terror attack, Pakistan is constantly living in the fear of India’s revenge. The country is under a tremendous panic mode and that is evident from its actions. Imran Khan claims that he’s ready for war and that Pakistan shall retaliate in case India attacks them, which clearly shows that both Imran Khan and the Pakistan Army is a spending sleepless nights. However, the fact that Pakistan is panicking got further established when the Pakistan Army shot down an aircraft, which was its own.

Reportedly, on Thursday evening, a Pakistan Army aircraft was hovering above the LOC (Line Of Control) to keep a track on the movements by Indian Army. But the Pakistan army mistook it for an Indian Airforce aircraft and shot it down. The news became viral despite various efforts by Pakistan to hide it.

Pakistan is likely to blame India for the incident as it has done previously when it shot down an Amazon service drone. Details awaited.

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