Nawazuddin Siddique signs his next film for 1.2 quintal onions

Nawaz has found a foothold in the Bollywood industry and now he gets great scripts to be a part of. But his signing amount and fees have also gone up and small producers don’t approach him anymore.

Recently he signed a movie in exchange for 1 quintal of onions and tis is considered to be his highest signing amount. In fact even actors like Rajkumar Rao and Ayushman have still not commanded such exorbitant fees.

Nawaz spoke to the Fauxy and said “I liked the script very much but then the director was offering me money for the role. Given the current onion rates I requested him to please give me 1.2 quintal of onions. It’s not that I cannot pay and buy onions, but onions have disappeared from the market. Only the HNIs can afford it. I am a great mutton curry fan and cannot live without onions so I had to request the producer to oblige to my request”.

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