NASA Releases A Photo Of An Astronaut Hoisting A Saffron Flag With Angry Hanuman Pic On The Moon.

It’s not even a week since PM Modi had announced manned space mission by 2022 and NASA has claimed that an Indian has not only reached the moon but has also hoisted a flag on it. As soon as NASA tweeted the image of an astronaut with a Saffron flag having an Angry Hanuman picture on it, the news created ripples all across the World

The tweet by NASA created mass havoc within India following which scientists at ISRO got in touch with NASA, only to discover that the photo wasn’t a hoax, but real indeed. ISRO later released a letter congratulating entire India on this feat.

While most of the Indians were seen rejoicing, a few made it a political issue and asked PM Modi to complete a manned space mission with a Muslim man at the earliest, so as to maintain the secular fabric of India.

AMIM leader, Owaisi targeted Mohan Bhagwat and said that RSS wants to convert the Moon into a Hindu Rashtra and that he won’t let that happen on his watch. Congress President Mr. Gandhi has tweeted that if Congress comes to power in 2019 then it will not only send a Muslim but also a Dalit guy to the moon, with their respective flags.

The breakthrough technological advancement has actually taken a political turn and political leaders have made it a 2019 election issue. While BJP has freshly announced a 250 meters tall statue of Shivaji Maharaj to be installed on the moon, Congress in it’s bid to appease the mass, has promised a cricket stadium on the moon named after Rajiv Gandhi.

That day is not too far when there will be demands of a Ram Mandir and even a Babri Masjid on the moon by Hindu and Muslim organizations respectively. Meanwhile, authorities from Missionaries of Charities were reported to have rampantly increased their baby-selling business in order to fund a private spacecraft project by Elon Musk.

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