Menstruation Cycles More Frequent Under Modi Govt., Sales Trend for Sanitary Napkins Askew

Driven by a government scheme to promote menstrual hygiene, the sale of sanitary napkins have increased considerably between 2014 and 2018. While some may hail it as unprecedented women empowerment, eminent data analysts reveal a major hidden issue behind this trend, something that cannot be possibly ignored.

Using medical jargons, which we couldn’t understand, some economists have connected the increasing use of sanitary napkins to an overall increased number of periods among females. Under the Modi govt, women are getting their periods more frequently than usual and that points at the deteriorating state of women’s health and hygiene.

A few days back a survey was conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, with an exceptionally large sample size of 43 women participants which comprised of purchasable employees from Buzzfeed, The Quint, and Burkha Dutt. The survey ranked India as the World’s most dangerous country for women. The current increasing trend in sales of sanitary napkins further substantiate the claims of these 43 women.

Gynaecologist and liberal, Dr. Smita spoke on the issue and explained how it will become a menace if not addressed soon. She said “Look, a period is a monthly affair that comes with cramps, mood swings, and other hormonal and emotional changes, it also leads to loss of energy and women getting more frequent periods will impact her health and mental vigor badly. How will you empower fatigued women? The government needs to resolve the issue at the earliest.”

The opposition has attacked the government for the boost in sales of sanitary napkins. “The question is, why is Modi giving free sanitary napkins in villages? Why are Jan Aushadhi stores selling biodegradable napkins at the low price of Rs. 2.5/napkin? Why are women in some states receiving monthly allowances to buy napkins? All this is nothing but a major conspiracy to hide the colossal failure of Modi Government. In Delhi, our Mohalla Clinics have been directed to refuse provisions of napkins to women. I will not let this happen under my watch!” said Arvind Kejriwal.

Recently, Rahul Gandhi in one of his rallies said that the production of sanitary napkins in different years of UPA rule remained stable (read stagnant) which means that women’s health was better under UPA rule then BJP rule. He also hinted that increasing sales could mean that some men(feminists) have also started using these pads, which further points to the poor mental health of men.

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