Masood Azhar Designated Global Terrorist: Congress Files Complaint With Election Commission Against The UN

Rahul Gandhi-led Congress party has written to Election Commission of India alleging that the United Nations has violated the Model Code of Conduct by designating Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

What is now being viewed as Modi government’s huge global diplomatic win is being considered as a massive poll violation by many, including the Congress. However, this time, instead of attacking the BJP, Congress has decided to file a complaint with EC against the UN itself!

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an influential leader. He has the capacity to get anything done through global institutions like the World Bank, IMF and now the United Nations! He is influencing the elections in BJP’s favour,” said Randeep Singh Surjewala.

Burkha Dutt, a terrorist sympathizer and a Pakistan favourite spoke out against the decision, as expected.

“It is clear that in its bid to win, BJP can do anything, even if it means catching terrorists or killing them off. This is atrocious and a total disregard of poll rules” she tweeted.

Currently, it is not clear whether the Election Commission will consider Congress’ complaint against the UN, as they have been turning a deaf ear to all kinds of poll violations in West Bengal too. More on this awaited.

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