Instagram influencer who started her every video with “Many of you asked” confesses nobody ever asked

A video of an Instagram influencer crying has gone viral on social media. In the video the influencer, who has over a million followers on Instagram, is seen crying and confessing that she lied on all her videos.

The influencer always started her videos with “many of you asked” to tell about her lifestyle, outfit, accessories, cosmetics and travel itineraries. However, in her recent video she confessed that nobody actually ever asked her. “I feel so alone, nobody ever asks me about anything, and I am fed up of lying” she says in the video.

Another case of an Instagram Influencer lying

This isn’t the first case where an Instagram influencer has been seen lying. Earlier, Delhi police has arrested a food blogger who was accused of enjoying free meals without even having a food Blog. Read Here

The influencer told The Fauxy, that she wanted to sound genuine and humble while speaking about her lifestyle, outfit, accessories and hence, decided to use “many of you asked” in her videos, but all the comments were “who tf asked?”

Many of you asked how I feel now, honestly, I am embarrassed but I feel lighter now” said the influencer.

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