Hospital staff visits reporter’s house to collect Amitabh’s Urine sample for testing

Indian TV channels have taken their coverage on Amitabh Bachchan’s stay in the hospital to the point of parody, with headlines like “Amitabh subah latrine bhi gaye”. The bizzare thing which happened today was that the hospital staff had to do urine test of Mr. Bachchan and for that they directly went to collect the sample at reporter Aman Srivastava’s house. Aman had been reporting Amitabh’s daily activities since last 3 days and the authorities were sure that Aman would be having the fresh stock of Amitabh’s urine. And they were actually right. The urine sample collected from Aman’s house was the best for testing as conveyed by the lab assistants. Aman will have to do this till the time Amitabh stays in hospital. And anyways this what he is paid to do

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